Brand Your Website for Your Demographic

“This is my first time buying pot legally,”

is what I heard from my mother, an ex-hippie, say while she was on the phone with a hip cannabis boutique. In this moment, I knew that the cannabis industry had not only blossomed, but also marketed itself to a wide demographic. Gone are the days of dark alleys and “what can I get for $20?” Cannabis is being used for everything from soaps to beverages. Since the start of the pandemic, more and more people are using cannabis and expecting myriad results from pain relief to recreation. With this in motion, the cannabis market has become extremely accessible and, in some places, over-saturated. With everyone glued to their screens, it is more important now than ever to create an online brand presence that appeals to a niche demographic.

No matter who your target is, there are ways to bring in and retain new customers.  Take a look at the following demographics, see which one best fits your brand, and try using some of these tips and tricks.

The foodie

We all know them—they snap pictures of everything they eat, they invite you to a new restaurant weekly, and you suspect they might eat garbage if it was rated high enough on Yelp. We love these people because they are essential for businesses. If this is the type of hype your brand is looking for, then you need a website that does the following:

  • Highlights the flavor profile of each product, strain, or oil
  • Explains the origins of each product—where was it grown, how was it grown, and who harvested it
  • Uses words like artisanal and hand-crafted
  • Catches the most discerning of eyes with a beautiful layout and exceptionally curated photos

The health nut

This person has tried keto six times, believes green juice is the way to heaven, and wouldn’t touch plastic with a 6’ cardboard straw. If you’re selling CBD products in addition to cannabis products, this might be a demographic worth looking into. Reel them in with a website that:

  • Highlights the benefits (emotional, physical, etc.) of each strain, blend, or product
  • Includes testimonials from other customers and users because these people are as well-researched as they are healthy
  • Uses words like organic and responsibly-sourced
  • Has a clean layout and includes the option to read about how each product is manufactured and the purpose of any additional ingredients

The scientist

This person may have been one of the first to have purchased marijuana legally by means of a medical card. This person does not need a tutorial on sativa versus indica, nor do they need a flavor profile for familiar, “old school” strains. This person probably uses cannabis in all forms and has expertly tailored their inventory. To make your brand a hit with these well-traveled cannabis users, make sure your website:

  • Highlights the terpenes of each strain, the purpose of each terpene, and any additional tips to maximize the desired effects of the product
  • Focuses on a new strain or product each week to keep the customer coming back
  • Uses words like synergistic and cultivation
  • Has a clean layout with easy to read information or explanatory figures

The newbie

Much like my mom—this person may not be new to cannabis, but new to legal cannabis. They have heard rumors of the beneficial effects of cannabis and have completed a few basic searches online for cannabis products. To make sure your brand seems like a right fit for them, have a website that:

  • Highlights the basics—provide definitions for commonly used words and explain how each strain or product differs
  • Uses words like safe and trusted
  • Includes testimonies and figures that explain usage and effects
  • Is clean, easy to navigate, and provides just enough detail without too much copy

The stoner

No explanation needed. We know ‘em, we love ‘em.  Get them to love you by making sure your website:

No matter who your target demographic is, the most important factor is that your website is extremely fast, easy to use, and reliable. Make that happen with Green Leaves Creative.

  • Highlights, in detail, the effects of each strain or product and how long it takes to experience them
  • Uses words like extreme, relaxing, and buzz
  • Includes suggestions on activities that pair well with each product
  • Has an eye-catching layout with exciting colors and photos, but an extremely simply UI that makes purchasing and viewing almost too easy