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About greenleaves

Green Leaves Creative was started due the discrimination shown in the tech industry towards legal cannabis and CBD businesses. We are 100% geared towards legal cannabis, hemp and CBD brands only. GreenLeaves is here to make sure you have the best website tech available for your licensed cannabis stores. As a division of Jaytech Designs, Green Leaves Creative also specializes in site customization, mobile speed optimization, and WordPress support.

Why Green Leaves Creative?

Jaytech Designs has been building custom websites and applications nationwide for over 15 years. The growing need for web design in the cannabis industry allowed the Green Leaves Creative division to flourish. As a pioneer in cannabis brand design, Green Leaves Creative is a trusted developer in this field.

The Look

Most successful brands are recognized by their strong logos. Green Leaves Creative’s Lead Designer will work with you to build a logo that fits your brand standard and appeals to your desired demographics. With their niche familiarity with the cannabis industry, Green Leaves Creative can create anything from an eye-catching logo to watermarks on professional nature photos.

The Feel

The cannabis industry is known for its creative branding and logos. Your website should not be any different. Green Leaves Creative uses color psychology to positively affect and motivate customers—ensuring that your website will not only capture all traffic, but also retain them as a future customer.

The Method

Green Leaves Creative offers a high level of hosting to match your company’s needs. With 24-hour support and extremely reliable servers, Green Leaves Creative ensures that your website is always running smoothly.  Green Leaves Creative provides tech support and customizable hosting packages.

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